Features of the transportation of polymers

Material features
Polymer is one of the most popular raw materials today such as independent truck dispatcher training. This material is used for the manufacture of plastic products of all kinds, ranging from various bottles, containers, household items, and ending with modern pipes and pipeline elements. It is important to note that the raw materials are presented in the form of small granules – crumbs. Therefore, the transportation of this type of product is also called “crumb transportation”. This structure also determines the features of the transportation of this material.

Transportation of crumb – specifics
During the transport of polymers, it is extremely important to keep the material clean. The penetration of dirt and foreign objects into the raw material leads to a decrease in its quality, the occurrence of defects when using the material in industrial production.

Transportation of crumb can be done in two ways:

Bulk transportation.
This type of cargo transportation is relevant for large consignments. It is carried out in special containers for the transportation of bulk polymer substances (barrels). It allows you to save on packaging of products, perfectly protects from sunlight, overheating, pollution, and also simplifies the process of loading and unloading the product.

In bags.
This type of delivery should be carried out in special industrial packaging that protects the bulk cargo from various types of contamination. A prerequisite for delivery is that it must be carried out in covered vehicles.

Important! The packaging must contain the following information:

Product name
Cargo designation
Batch number
Manufacturing date

Precautionary measures
PVC crumb does not belong to the category of goods of increased complexity, but, nevertheless, it requires compliance with a number of points during transportation and storage. Failure to do so can significantly affect product quality. Key requirements for the transportation of polypropylene:

The temperature should not exceed 30 ̊С
Avoid direct sunlight on the load
The humidity level should not exceed 80%
Protect against ingress of foreign objects and dust
Important! Polypropylene emits fumes that are harmful to human health only during the production process. Transportation of PVC chips is not dangerous.

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