How to choose the right carrier (10 important selection criteria)

This article describes how to choose a freight forwarder and what criteria should be guided so that your cargo was delivered to the addressee in safety and security. Let’s list the ten major selection criteria and consider their features.

The first thing you should make sure that the company not only has the telephone numbers, but also the address of the office where the contract for the delivery of your cargo will be signed. You should also specify the name of the company with its legal form.
Not superfluous would be

the presence of the site of the company, because nowadays internet resource is though not a big, but a guarantee that the company really exists some time in the market. And also the site will tell you about the main list of functions, which performs the organization cargo carrier.
The next thing you should pay attention to – this is the availability of technical capabilities for cargo transportation. So, it can be: its own fleet of trucks, loading equipment (tractors, cranes, etc.), trailers, trailers, protective materials, tools for securing the cargo and other devices.

If the organization has not yet had time to get some kind of cargo transport to provide services – no matter – the main thing – this firm has a reliable reliable reliable partner-contractor who can rent the necessary equipment. In the case of such a situation is not superfluous will be “check out” the information about the partner, in order to make sure and its integrity.
How long has the enterprise been engaged in cargo delivery? As a rule, the organization has already “run up a lump” and “struck a hand” in the first 2-3 years of activity, so the best quality of service will be the company, which has worked in the market for more than 3 years.
The price of the list of services provided – plays no small role. No, we are not saying that the cost of services should be low, the services of such a firm can be rejected immediately, because it could mean that it does not have the necessary experience and technical equipment. On the contrary, the price should be within the range of other competing firms, and maybe even a little higher, the main thing is that the price was reasonable and transparent. In this way, you can hope for quality execution of services for the delivery of goods.
Look for the low price for services not necessary, but to learn about the availability of discount system for regular customers – you can and should. Thus, your question signal to the performer of his intention of long-term cooperation with him. Responsible haulier will catch this moment and will do everything to ensure that your cooperation and really has become effective the first time, and that in the future you would want to ask for help to this provider of services again.
Also, focus your attention on the technology and techniques that the moving company uses when providing services. This should not be, for example, obsolete packing materials that even their appearance does not guarantee you the quality of transportation of valuable goods. So, for example, when transporting plastic windows for long distances, the vehicle should be installed a special structure – a pyramid, rather than the use of stacked cardboard boxes between the structures.

Appearance of workers engaged in loading and transportation of goods must be moderately neat. Untidiness can only mean the same attitude to their work, which does not guarantee proper attention to the transported goods.
Find out in advance how soon the carrier will be able to tell you the cost of their services for the already obvious amount of work performed. If the service provider says that the full cost of the work will be visible only after the service, it means that the company is incompetent in matters of transportation. Real professionals with experience know the cost of all their work in advance.

Well, the last thing worth knowing is the cargo insurance. A company that offers you the service to insure your cargo is a solid carrier that is worth trusting.
Thus, given the above criteria, you will no doubt choose a reliable carrier whom you can trust in the future of your most precious cargo.

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