Preparing the washing machine for transport

The recommendations are relevant if you used household appliances for their intended purpose. First of all, you need visit to dispatching course and:

Disconnect the appliance from the water supply and cut off the power supply.
Clean the trays of cleaning products.
Eliminate residual water from the drum, pump, hose.
Further, it is recommended to remove all removable parts, including trays, from the case: they may fall out during transportation. If possible, disconnect the hoses, and the power cable, on the contrary, securely fasten it to the rear wall of the case.

Shipping preparation also includes the installation of shipping bolts. They are installed by default in any new technique and are necessary for a strong fixation of the tank and drum using a special system of shock absorbers and springs. In the event that you did not save them, the bolts can be purchased separately. Please note that the mounts are not universal, they are selected depending on the brand, series and type of washing machine.

After that, it is recommended to install special corners on the protruding parts and wrap the case with a film. Be sure to secure the drum cover to prevent accidental opening. For these purposes, you can use adhesive tape.

If the original packaging from household appliances has not been preserved, you can also use a third-party box that is suitable in size.

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