Solar panels help trucks save fuel

Solar panels on trucks save diesel fuel and reduce harmful emissions into the atmosphere, according to a study by the Institute for Solar Energy Systems at the Fraunhofer Society. More:

In this study, we are talking, in particular, about the integration of photovoltaic solar panels in trucks, the batteries of which are fed by solar panels while driving. With their help, you can ensure more efficient operation of refrigerators. German logistics companies also took part in the experiment. In this case, we can say that not only laboratory model studies were carried out, but also tests of new technologies in real life conditions.

So, solar radiation sensors were installed on the roofs of refrigerated trucks transporting in Europe and the USA. These sensors determined the potential amount of energy generation. Now, the Institute of Solar Energy Systems also wants to create a technology with which it will be possible to “harvest sunlight on the go.”

The experiment was carried out for six months. As a result, the developers of the new technology came to the conclusion that the use of solar panels in freight transport is quite a promising direction, since solar panels can significantly save fuel for cars. In addition, this technology will improve the environmental situation, as its use reduces harmful emissions into the atmosphere.

For example, a truck weighing 40 tons can be equipped with solar modules, the area of ​​​​which will be 36 square meters – this is equivalent to 6 kW of installed power. As the project developers calculated, such a truck-power plant saves up to 1.9 thousand liters of diesel fuel – the amount of fuel saved depends on the region of operation.

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