Ways to transport cars

The trucking dispatching course tells us that when there is a need to transport small vehicles, their owners have several ways to perform transportation:

Organize and perform the transportation themselves;
Use the services of a transportation company, which will perform delivery on a car transporter.
To transport the car was the most convenient and safe, it is advisable to give preference to the second option, which guarantees the safety and security of such valuable goods.

Car transporter
What is car transporter transportation? What are the peculiarities of this transportation?
A car transporter is a special vehicle, up to 20 meters long, on which several cars are transported simultaneously. It has a tractor and a trailer, as well as all the necessary equipment for transporting cars in one piece.

In addition to the cars, the autowagon also transports vans. One truck transporter can fit about 2-3 vans. Cars can be placed up to 8 cars (or even 10, if the trailer is made in Europe).

Advantages of transport by car transporter
This is a safer way to transport a car.
On a car transporter the transport is under the supervision of the forwarder and is successfully transported over long distances without damage to the surface. For maximum safety of transported vehicles special fences are installed on car-transporters.

Economical benefit.
Using the services of a car carrier is much cheaper than organizing the transportation of transport yourself. In addition to money the vehicle owners also save other important resources, in particular their time and forces.

Promptness of transportation.
Modern car transporters are equipped with everything necessary for transportation in the shortest term.

Reliability and serviceability of transport.
Before sending them for a trip, car transporters undergo thorough preparation and technical control. They are also kept clean and tidy; all sharp objects which can damage car tires are removed.

It is possible to transport entire batches of cars simultaneously.

Qualified personnel.
Such valuable cargo requires careful control. During transportation by car transporter trucks are supervised by experienced specialists. They inspect, prepare the auto for transportation, fix it on the car transporter. Experienced specialists act as a guarantor of safe transportation of your vehicle on the road when you are not around.

Possibility to transport your vehicle to any distance.
Undoubtedly, the car transporter is the most reliable, convenient and economically expedient of all modes of transportation of automobiles which exist for today.

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